I Want To Do This All Day: Redefining Learning and Reinventing Education

Audio Documentary

In the spring of 2006 we set out to investigate the living history of the
“radical learning” movement, and compiled our findings in this 2hr 30min
audio piece. The documentary uses interviews from 23 different learning
spaces to illuminate the grassroots movement of people and communities
taking power over their own education and creating learning environments
based on freedom, cooperation and social change.

1. Setting Out (listen)
2. Unraveling “radical learning spaces” (listen)
3. Problems in education today (listen)
4. The history of compulsory school (listen)
5. Redefining learning (listen)
6. Reinventing education (listen)
7. Albany Free School (listen)
8. Olympia Community Free School (listen)
9. Making Changes Freedom School (listen)
10. Not Back to School Camp (listen)
11. The MET School (listen)
12. The Purple Thistle Center (listen)
13. Themes in the movement I (listen)
14. Themes in the movement II (listen)
15. Motion and change (listen)
16. Wrapping up (listen)

For more info, resources on radical learning, and to order visit:


One Response to “I Want To Do This All Day: Redefining Learning and Reinventing Education”

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