S & M Ethics At Home and Abroad


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USSMEAC is an Advisory Commission made up of representatives selected from
the United States Sadomasochistic Community. It is important that the
gifted fetishists, the psychodramatists, the pain sluts and the sissyboys of
our proud nation advise our Military Intelligence Industry on ethical power
exchange. The AltSex Community wants our Homeland to be conscientious while
hedonistically attaining our democratic goals…

S/M Ethics At Home and Abroad

Due to the Abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and several others
like it on both the British and American Fronts an ethical debate on
Interrogation Techniques has left the Nation and the world in a moral
dilemma. As a populous, we are trying to decide, what is torture? What is
legally allowable to enhance the intelligence elucidation in our prisoners
of war, yet still not considered torture? How important is our respect in
the eyes of the world? Do we expect others to follow the Geneva Conventions
if we publicly disavow them?
Ethical Torture
Is it possible that the U.S. Sadomasochist community might present an
excellent role model? Certainly, the Current Administration could use an
experienced guide to re-educate them on the Ethics of Humane Torture. It is
fairly well agreed upon, we would like to keep our boys and the people they
torture Safe and Healthy while they play together. Is it possible that this
international game of Violation and Betrayal could be played without being
immoral? Could we offer a new kind of strategy for War? Is there a more
fruitful and erotic way to engage the enemy? How can we envision our
interrogational relations with them? Can we all get our war on in a groovy,
hot scene without victimization?

We function on trust and utilize the following core concepts Informed
Consent, the Respecting of Limits, Subjugant Confidentiality, Avoidance of
Blaming, Hearing Feedback, Cautious Approaches to Darkside S/M and
Switching. These concepts of interpersonal respect apply to the ritually
charged relations between Enemy Combatants and their Keepers at this time.

Ethical Foundations of Detention and Interrogation

Within our values system, consent is a central moral criterion on evaluating
our behavior towards others. Consent is the manifestation of the freedom
and dignity of the person and, as such, plays a critical role in moral
reasoning. Consent restrains, as well as enables, humans in their treatment
of others. Criminals, by not respecting the rights of others, may be said
to have consented – in principle – to arrest and possible imprisonment. In
this construct – and due to the threat they represent – insurgents and
terrorists “consent” to the possibility of being captured, detained,
interrogated, or possibly killed.”[1]

By replacement of military weapons production with Adult Real TV
documentation of these ‘indoctrinations’, we might have the kind of ratings
that the Abu Ghraib scandal produced without any complaints from the Red
Cross or Amnesty International. If we can sell the world on Equal
Opportunity Real TV Interrogations, actionable intelligence won’t be needed.
Donald Rumsfeld can host the International Martyr Star Search Show.

In order to secure a world without war, the special role of Race, Gender,
Class, Age, Body Parts (i.e. feet, hair, armpits, orifices), Religion, Body
Adornment, Weight, Species, Self Consciousness, Scents, Attachments,
Vanillaism, Hetero/Homo/Bi/Trans/Ambi Sexualities, Deformities,
Eccentricities, Cults and other Mass Movements, Excrements, all Varieties of
Helplessness and/or Imperiousness, Nationalism, Elaborate Ritual Scenarios,
the Sensual and the Repulsive, Pain for many, Tickling for a few… all of
these foci need cognitive attention by actors in this world media proposal.

We realize that the all-volunteer army of global submissives, though
potentially huge, might not erase the real threat of direct action
insurgents, wartime prisoner abuses and atrocities against civilians. It’s
true, ‘Fetish Real TV’ might not work as a cure all against deadly conflict.
Though mass mind is banal enough to let cinema convert us to a world of
decadent hedonism without actual terror, there is a tendency of all nations
and tribes to let the shadow world of murderous rampage color the landscape
red once more, to feed the plants our rotting flesh and fuck the dead for
short-term revelry… Hutu/Tutsi, Serb/Croat, New Rome/Iraq. Some simple
advice for the hard-edged, violent differences enacted by and upon every
population on this small world try apologizing! Sexual repression and
denial of guilt go hand in hand. If sensuality is a path towards the end of
war, we must also say we are sorry for past slaughter. This is the romantic
quest for forgiveness. We are imperfect. Every person on earth has a
murderer in his or her lineage. For the fight to stop we have to bow down
low, switch off on those shows of humility, kiss each other’s feet, make up
and make out.
All Volunteer Submissive Army


[1]From the Final Report of the Independent Panel to Review DoD Detention
, Appendix H, James R. Schlesinger, August 2004

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